Longing and Surrendering

Longing to find a true Divine Saint.
Kripalu Ji Maharaj believes that longing to find a true Divine Saint means that we must cry out for him. We must ask Krishn, our Lord, to make us a devotee of Him and His rasik Saints, so that we can have his darshan (affection and association all the time). Your devotion should not be materialistic either. We must be delighted to serve him eternally. A method of achieving this bliss is to constantly do satsang and listen as a disciple. This will help remove us from materialistic desires and protect us from all the evils of maya. His Grace will then give us the Bliss of Divine love, which can only be attained through Him. We must plead to Him with all our hearts and follow a rasik Saint.

Surrendering to a true rasik Saint.
You must respect and surrender to the Divine lotus feet of your Master. His feet are the refuge that reveals the Divine leelas of Radha Krishn. Remembering the Master’s lotus feet removes the material aspect of the world and prevails over maya. The Saint also provides the knowledge to overcome the ignorance that has left most of mankind in a lingering state. Furthermore, when the dust of the lotus feet is applied to the eyes, it gives you the vision to observe the omnipresence of Krishn and Radha. Respect of your rasik Saint is crucial in your path to find Bliss. They will only give you the true knowledge you need to pursue your passionate cause.