Kripalu Ji Maharaj says that as a devotee you must have a deep desire for Krishn. You should continue to seek him until that day comes, as you remember His name and virtues. Tears of happiness should flood your eyes as you are immersed in His love. In order to find Bliss, you must meditate day and night on Krishn. Every aspect of your existence should be dedicated to embody His love. Bliss will come to those that are patient enough to look for the true path. Waiting for him in your separation can become excruciating when there are delays in your pursuits. You must beg for him in grievance constantly repeating Ha Krishn. It is a journey that will cause your body to lose consciousness. Furthermore, you must believe with all your heart that Krishn will come to you and make you His own, enveloping you in His Bliss.

Desire comes in the form of desiring Krishn and dissolving all forms of maya. You must ask Krishn when you will be living in Braj for eternity. You must ask when your eyes will flow with tears of affection, rejoicing the splendor of the name and principles of Shyama Shyam. When will you sing Radhey, Radhey, Radhey, as you walk on the path of Gahyarban in glee and jubilation? When will you, intoxicated in His Love and consumed in passion, wander in Vrindaban? As the separation becomes unbearable, will you continue to embrace the foliage of Govardhan and sink in His love? You must long for Him, wanting to experience Him and all love he encompasses.