According to Kirpalu Ji Maharaj, the world we live in now does not provide true happiness. Everything here is temporary. Your friends and family cannot assist you when you die. Materialistic attractions and indulgences are futile. These people and objects hide the fact that there is not any happiness in this world. It may be difficult to break from this cycle, but there is a way to get away from the oppression of sorrow; submission to Krishn. Everything we build, in terms of our assets, and even those that we try to maintain, such as our beauty, is all but an illusion. This illusion must be addressed as soon as possible. This life only comes a few times, and it is one of our only opportunities to become enlightened. It is crucial to avoid squandering this opportunity and submit to Krishn in order to restore the fortune lost by this world.

Furthermore, the relationships we have in this world are only connected through self-interest. The notion of love in this world is not true and does not achieve the eternal Bliss we seek. This love is conditional and created through expectations. We are under the illusion that our closest family members and friends feel the same compassion towards us as we feel towards them. The true definition of compassion and love does not involve our self-interest. Our conscience recognizes this, and understands that what we are manipulating our friends and family to appease our desires. Similarly, our friends and family are doing the same thing to us. By knowing these facts it is beneficial to pursue Radha Krishn in this lifetime to find true love from the Divine Beloved.